Human Health Advocates helps people solve problems with medical bills and health insurance coverage.

Health insurance companies’ treatment of patients is often unfair. As well, "certain medical billing and collection practices can be overly aggressive," said its manager, Kenneth Klein. Mr. Klein, a former attorney, and certified mediator who has successfully dealt with health insurance companies and medical billing agents for years– obtaining coverage of unpaid and denied health insurance claims and reductions of medical expenses. Medical bills often contain unnoticed errors, resulting in patients making unnecessary overpayments. Health insurance companies often improperly deny claims for coverage. "Such actions should not be ignored or accepted– they should be explored and corrected," says Klein. "That is what Human Health Advocates will do for you!"
After treatment, patients may receive bills from doctors that are not in their insurance company’s network; costly bills that are often seeking thousands of dollars. We negotiate to reduce those charges. Human Health Advocates represents the interests of patients, not hospitals or insurers. We prepare reconsiderations and appeals when insurance claims are denied. We seek to level the playing field by working on your behalf in dealings with providers and health insurers.
We each receive correspondence from our health insurance company "explaining" its treatment of our claims. Understanding it is nearly impossible and it is designed that way intentionally. We help you understand how your health insurance policy works so that you can avoid many of the common pitfalls in today’s health care system. The insurance companies and medical billing collection companies have an extraordinary and unfair advantage. They work only for their interests, not yours. Patients need an independent advocate to represent their interests. This is what Human Health Advocates will do for you.  Contact us today!
We Can Help Deal with the Health Insurance Companies
Many of us have experienced frustration and high costs as the result of the confusing nature of our healthcare system’s billing and insurance procedures. At Human Health Advocates, we help you better understand your insurance policy to avoid unnecessary charges and obtain the coverage to which you are entitled to. Did you know that by some estimates more than 50% of medical bills contain mistakes that cost you money? This is why medical bill and insurance assistance from Human Health Advocates is so valuable.
We can help you with bills from your doctors, labs, diagnostic facilities, and hospitals. We can help you in dealings with your health insurer. We can prepare appeals for denials of coverage under long-term care policies.
We will keep you informed of our efforts on your behalf, and work with you to solve problems with medical bills and health insurance coverage issues. You can be assured that Human Health Advocates will advocate and assist on your behalf putting your needs first. At Human Health Advocates, we give you the personal attention that you deserve. We return calls.
Insurance companies care about their profits, not your well-being! They profit by denying your claims. Dealing with your medical bills and health insurance company can be a confusing, frustrating, and expensive process. When you are unaware, you may be paying for unnecessary charges. You may also be improperly denied coverage for treatment. There is no reason for this to happen. WE CAN HELP!