We have many clients who are uninsured and incur substantial hospital debt. Always not lost. There are several avenues to explore. We effectively do so on your behalf. In certain circumstances, financial aid packages are available which can greatly reduce or even eliminate medical debt. We will explore your eligibility and aid in the of making the application.

We thoroughly review each hospital’s billing and collections and financial assistance policies. Most hospitals offer a fixed amount reduction for the uninsured. Technical issues sometimes interfere but they are also subject to differing definitions of “uninsured.”

In addition to the standard discounts applied, it has been our experience that discounts are often obtainable Through active price comparison and negotiation. Price transparency has become law and hospitals must post standard charges online or face stiff penalties.

The No Surprises Act provides much protection in certain types of medical billing where one would not otherwise have coverage. (For example, out-of-network provider balance billing). This practice has been greatly curtailed. However, what happens to the person who goes to the hospital for a scheduled surgical procedure, whose insurance later denies the claim?

PRICE MIGRATION HAPPENS. Most hospitals then “migrate the price” from whatever the insurance rate would have been to its charge master (full price ). The hospital has provided no additional services. It has no ethical basis to double or triple your rate rather than offer a self-pay uninsured discounted rate. Simply, If this has happened to you where you are uninsured and every and have received the substantial medical bill, or alternatively, lost your insurance due to anything from pre-existing condition on a non – affordable Care Act policy, to a flat denial that we or others are unable to reverse on appeal, let us help address your situation. There are answers. They may not be optimal in all cases, nor are they as dire as one would suspect.